A Great Many Things | Warhammer 40, 000 short story

This short story follows two Inquisitors into the belly of Krieg to audit one of the Imperium’s more sinister operations – the Vitae Wombs! Submitted to http://www.coldopenstories.com as part of an unofficial fan anthology, myself and 8 other authors saw our works publish in March 2020. You can view my piece on the Cold OpenContinue reading “A Great Many Things | Warhammer 40, 000 short story”

Galactic Repair Person | GGJ2020

This Interactive Fiction piece was created during the Global Game Jam 2020. The theme for 2020 was Repair, which we manifested through this story; Galactic Repair Person. I provided the writing in Twine while my weekend-colleague Coen de Groot worked on some extra features like an inventory, journal, and character creation options in Ren/Py. SadlyContinue reading “Galactic Repair Person | GGJ2020”