Galactic Repair Person | GGJ2020

This Interactive Fiction piece was created during the Global Game Jam 2020.

The theme for 2020 was Repair, which we manifested through this story; Galactic Repair Person.

I provided the writing in Twine while my weekend-colleague Coen de Groot worked on some extra features like an inventory, journal, and character creation options in Ren/Py. Sadly we were unable to merge our work due to time constraints (such is the way with a game jam) so what you see is the narrative aspect of the product that we made over the weekend.


Galactic Repair Person | GGJ2020 by KarlDev

You are ++CLASS 9 REPAIR ENGINEER++ on the Starship Heart of Nostromia! You are rudely awoken from your cryosleep and must figure out what’s happening on the ship while repairing things along the way (it is your job, after all). Please enjoy our mini narrative interactive fiction piece!

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